The word “Alamak” is an expression coming from the south-east of Asia and Japan and means something similar to “Oh my god!”. It is the word that this new gallery adopted as the brand name. Alamak! brings together top designers from Asia to make a contemporary impression on our perception of what is “Design in Asia”.

In this case, the gallery asked for an invitation that shows all this meaning in “Alamak! Berlin – Exploring Contemporary Aesthetics in Asian Art and Design”

As a new gallery, it is good to remind people what is this gallery aiming and what are the values they are standing for. As a result, the idea of 12 romantic and tangible Asian forms travelling west fitted the brief.

Chinese-Ink drops represent on its own all the richness, purity and durability shown by Asia century by century. Using a timeless craft such as painting with ink, we found a perfect balance between the uncomplicated and the tension that this continent shows on its visual expression.


  • Design


  • Client: ALAMAK!