Jose Gómez is a Spanish designer based in between Berlin and London with an extended background in Visual Arts and Product Design.

His exposure to the variety of functional design practices and disciplines, and his effort to remind open to the relationship between them became his principle design value: in all the visual works, there is a human sensitivity that defines the result.

For more than 15 years, this learning process had a lot of different stages-  Co-found an established Design Studio, work for different companies, or teach workshops in different disciplines and places. He has done projects for clients such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, Nike, Tiffany&Co or Design Miami among others.

The learning process itself and the neverending refining of his skill set as an individual in a constantly changing environment is what motivates Jose to produce meaningful and delicate content.


2002-2005. Studied ‘Product Design’ at University CARDENAL HERRERA, CEU.

2002. Awarded third prize by the company “SAGGAS”, christmas contest

2003. Workshop “EQUILIBRISTAS” by Culdesac. This Workshop speaks about how the Techonology help us in our normal life.

2005-2006. Vehicle and transport Design Master at CARDENAL HERRERA -CEU- university

2006. Workshop “cafesocial” by Héctor Serrano. This workshops, was showed in NUDE 2006 at Valencia Design Week. (http://www.hectorserrano.com/)

2006. Workshop on Editorial Design by Boke Bazán.

2006. Founds ‘Studio Estres’ with Héctor Muñoz and Jose Ramón Tarazona.

2007-2008. Works as Graphic Designer in GEHOS, company dedicated to Health and commercial spaces design.

2009. Opening of  ‘Studio Estres’ workspace in Valencia with Héctor Muñoz and Jose Ramón Tarazona.

2009. Exhibition of works from ‘Studio Estres’ at NUDE / Feria Habitat Valencia “Ideas y Pasión” 2009 / Valencia Design Week

2009. First Prize at Bar Office Photography Competition. Erotism and restoration, with ‘HotelB’ series.

2010-12. Official Photographer in “Summer workshops at Domaine de Boisbuchet” for Vitra Design Museum.

2010. Workshop “Editorial Programme” by Ricardo Salas in “Summer Workshops at Domaine de Boisbuchet” / Vitra Design Museum.

2010.  Exhibition of works from ‘Studio Estres’ in NUDE / Feria Habitat Valencia “Ideas y Pasión” 2010 / Valencia Design Week

2010. Photography Project for Hermes Workshops at “Domaine de Boisbuchet” / Vitra Design Museum.

2011. Exhibition of works from ‘Studio Estres’ in NUDE / Valencia Design Week2011

2011. Teaches at IED ( Instituto Europeo di Design ) in Madrid. ‘Bed and Breakfast’ workshop

2012. Continues his path at ‘Studio Estres’  and make his first photography work at London for Mittelman Associattes.

2013. Begins to mix his own work with ‘Studio Estres’ work. Looking for new opportunities and new points of view.

2013. Ceramic Workshop at Domanises ( Valencia )

2013. Finishes his co-direction at ‘Studio Estres’ and move to London, stablishing himself as a Soul Trader.

2013. Post-Production Manager at James Harris Photography. (www.jamesharris.co.uk)

2013. He becomes Getty Images Contributor.

2013-18. Since he moved to London, he keeps developing his multi-disciplinary approach and makes collaborations and projects as a Filmmaker, Photographer and Designer,  for brands such as Sony Music, Bentley, Nike, Grazia among others.

2014-18. Post-Production Manager at Design/Miami Basel ( Miami Fair and Basel Fair )

2017. He moves his Studio to Pullens Yard, near Elephant and Castle.

2014-23. Post-Production Manager at Design/MiamiBasel ( Miami Fair, Basel Fair and the new recently opened Paris Fair )

2018. He meets Maria, which sounds silly, but is the person that keep him smiling, happy and inspired every day. =)

2019. Moves Jose Gomez Studio to Berlin, finding a new and opened space for creativity.

2019. Re-direction of his interests into a more conceptual and abstract project.

2019. He creates his first ‘FrameByFrame’- 1 minute short film for Sony Music.

NOW His skillset and world gets wider and dives into Visual Arts, animation and Illustration, creating visuals for different musicians, artists and Philharmonics.